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External Direct Air Stoves

External Direct Air Stoves
External Air or Direct Air Supply Stoves are designed for new homes, extensions, renovations and rooms that are required to be as air tight as possible. A spigot on the rear or underside of the stove connects to a 4” or 5” pipe or ducting in the floor or wall that provides a fresh supply of air to keep the stove lit. This is essential in situations where there is little air movement in a room or when stoves are in close proximity to extraction fans, tumble dryers or heat recovery ventilation systems. A stove installed in these conditions is likely to struggle to stay lit, have a lazy fire flame, poor heat output and smoke into room. Older homes are not as airtight as newer homes so they may have sufficient air flow throughout the house to maintain stove combustion, therefore, have less need for an External Direct Air Stove. StoveBay.com have a large range of External Direct Air Stoves available to view and purchase online from all of the leading brands including ACR Stoves, Arada Aarrow Stoves, Henley Stoves, Mazona Stoves and Stovax Stoves. For further information or advice please contact us: +44 (0)28 66 342 592 or sales@stovebay.com.
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