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Stove Grates + Grate Bars

Grates + Bars
The Stove Grate is the base on which the fire sits and burns inside the stove firebox. The Stove Fire Grate is designed to sit raised off the bottom of the stove internal firebox in order to allow for a draught to flow through the grate. The Stove Grate allows the ashes to fall/riddle down into the ash pan were they can be removed.
Multi Fuel Stoves generally have a grate; Wood Burning Stoves generally have no grate. Grates types include: [i] Fixed Grates [ACR Stoves], [ii] Riddle Circular Grate [Aga Stoves] or individual [iii] Grate Bars [Aarrow Stoves].
Tip: Clean the firebox and grate area regularly to allow for an easy riddle of the grate or grate bars. If this is not done regularly the grate riddle mechanism will become redundant.
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