Stove Baffle Throat Plate

Baffle Throat Plate
The Baffle Plate or Throat Plate is located in the upper region of the firebox, generally above the grate area. Some Boiler Central Heating Stoves such as the Henley Blasket, Mulberry Beckett, Olymberyl Aiden and the Stanley Reginald have the Throat Plate lower down the rear of the stove between the bottom of the boiler and the top of the grate.
The Baffle Throat Plate helps to minimise heat loss into the chimney flue by deflecting flames and heat back toward the front of the stove, maximising heat output to the room.
Tip: Replace the Baffle Throat Plate once it is showing signs of twisting and warping as this will mean more of the heat will flow up the chimney and not into the room.
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