Delivery & Installation

  • All delivery and installation details at the time of the agreement are given in good faith.
  • We will confirm a delivery/installation date with You when Goods are in stock and will make all reasonable endeavours to complete delivery/installation on that date.
  • We reserve the right to deliver Goods in whole or part instalments as previously agreed with You.
  • We will contact you if We envisage unexpected delays in delivery/installation caused by matters beyond the control of Us, including but not limited to supply of materials, high levels of demand, Goods out of stock with Our supplier, manufacturing delays, inclement weather.
  • Any delivery and installation delays will be agreed with from Us to You and will not affect any potential remaining balance payments on the account that were previously agreed.
  • You must not refuse delivery once prior agreement in place.
  • If Goods have to be redelivered or if installation has to be rearranged, We reserve the right to levy a charge for these Services.
  • We shall not leave unattended Goods unless previously agreed with You and have been paid for in full. We shall not be responsible for any loss or damages caused.
  • We will not install any Goods that are supplied from any other company.