Glendine Boiler Stove Grate

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Baffle Throat Plate

The Baffle Plate is located in the upper region of the firebox, generally above the grate area. It helps to minimise heat loss into the chimney flue by deflecting flames and heat back toward the front of the stove, maximising heat output to the room.

Fire Brick Liners

Fire Bricks are used to line the inside of the stove fire box. They help to insulate the internal sides of the stove from the heat and reflect heat back towards the front of the stove, maximising heat output to the room. There can be made from cast iron, clay or more commonly vermiculite fire board.

Fire Rope Kit

Fire Rope is used to form an air tight seal between the stove door and the stove body to maximise the efficiency and heat output of the stove. A poor seal will allow for additional air to get into the stove fire box increasing the rate of fuel burn and reduce control over the fire burn rate. Rope thickness will vary according to the manufacturer and the size of the stove. Fire Rope is held in place by a High Temperature Rope Adhesive.

Rope Kit contains: 2.5m Fire Rope + Rope End + High Temperature Rope Adhesive.

Stove Glass

Stove Glass is a transparent protection front for stoves allowing for a clear view of the fire box. Our high definition [HD] range of Stove Glass is manufactured from the highest quality, high temperature glass ceramic and normally 4mm thick.

Glass Clips & Screws

Replacement Stove Glass Clips and Screws are designed to safely keep the glass panel in place allowing for an air tight seal to maximise the efficiency and heat output of the stove. Important: Do not over tighten clips and screws as - allow for expansion caused by the heat of the fire when the stove is lit. If the clips are too tight it will crack the glass.

Glass Rope Gasket

The Glass Rope Gasket provides an air tight seal between the glass panel and the metal frame on the stove door. It prevents the glass panel grinding on the metal frame of the stove door when the stove is lit, as the glass expands in the frame.


The Stove Grate is the base on which the fire sits and burns inside the stove firebox. It allows the ashes to fall/riddle down into the ash pan were they can be removed. Multi Fuel Stoves generally have a grate; Wood Burning Stoves generally have no grate. Grates types include: [i] Fixed Grates [ACR Stoves], [ii] Riddle Circular Grate [Aga Stoves] or individual [iii] Grate Bars [Aarrow Stoves.

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