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When choosing a stove that's right for YOU, it is important to consider a number of things:

Efficiency - a lot of stoves on the market today offer in excess of 70 % efficiencies, (in fact there are some in excess of 80 %), so whilst you are saving money on fuel, you are also reducing the carbon footprint of your home - good news all round!!

Size - Stoves come in various different shapes and sizes. YOUR tastes are individual to YOU, so there is no right or wrong when consider...ing aesthetics of the appliance. However, it may be important to consider what you are likely to burn in your stove - even though it is possible to source a vast number of multi fuel stoves to provide a substantial heat output, your choice of fuel can influence your decision. Eg 5kW output is TWICE the heat output of an open fire, but the firebox may be too small to hold average sized logs, if that is what you like to burn. A LARGER multi fuel stove may be rated for 7kW, but this rating is based upon burning solid fuel (coal), so it is possible to achieve 5kW with properly seasoned wood.

Material - Some stoves are manufactured in Cast Iron, some in steel. Cast iron stoves can retain heat, but this heat is ultimately transferred on to the body of the stove, so you can avail of this heat even whilst the stove fire is dying down. Steel stoves are more reactive to heat than cast iron, so you will experience warmer temperatures a little quicker if you choose a stove manufactured using this material. The joints are welded as opposed to cast - this leaves the stove airtight, so YOU control the rate at which your fuel is being consumed.

There are, of course, a number of other factors to consider, but if you have questions that need answered before you make your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact the team at Stovebay, where we will be more than happy to help!!!

Happy Shopping!!!

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